Dress to Impress

We are in the midst of dress shopping season. Oh, you didn’t know or even realize there was such a thing as dress shopping season? Well, technically, there isn’t, but if there was a time of year when there was an increase in shopping for dresses, then this would be the time of year.

Personally, I’m looking for some casual dresses to prep me for summer. Whereas, I know that a lot of young ladies (including my little neighbour, Kiki) are looking for after dark dresses and bodycon dresses for upcoming social and formal events such as spring dances and of course, prom! By the way, when did prom dresses go from the one night of the year to look and feel like a princess to looking like you were going to the club?

Anyway, I’ve been eying way too many dresses the past few days. The weather here in the UK doesn’t know what it’s doing from one minute to the next. One day, I’m grabbing a light jacket to run some errands and the next day, I’m leaving work early to get home before a nasty mix of snow and ice hits the streets. True story from last week, by the way.

Still, the style I’m still fawning for are maxi dresses. Last year, I didn’t get a chance to buy and rock as many maxi dresses as I would like, but that’s going to change this year starting with the arsenal of maxi dress options I spotted over online. They are amazing? Actually, there were a lot more dresses I saw and instantly wanted, but I became instantly obsessed with these three.

Just Add Sugar – Bayside Maxi Dress in Melon and Navy Stripes

Jorge Into The Void – Maxi Dress in Vermillion

Betty Basic – Monoco Dress in Electric Blue White Stripes

Am I the only one literally itching for the warm and sunny spring weather to hit, because I’m already over winter with its cloudy skies and flu making weather. I know I’m not alone in saying this, too!

Shopping online is great for getting an idea of what’s out there and narrowing down the best prices whereas shopping in ‘real life’ lets you get a feel of the material and try things on. Seeing the fit with your own eyes is an essential part of finding the right outfit.

If you are shopping online it is worth checking out return policies, some bigger stores actively encourage you to select a number of items and are happy to cover the cost of return on the ones you don’t want to keep. However, smaller boutiques and independents can’t afford to absorb these costs so if you believe in supporting smaller businesses you might have to pay a little extra.

Finding a good online women’s fashion store that has a decent range of brands and products will help you to get an idea about what kind of styles are on trend as well as the kind of prices you should be looking at.

Bargains can actually be harder to find than you might first have thought when you take into consideration things like shipping costs so remember to take everything into account before committing to your online purchase.

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