Designer Profile – M Bernson Part 2

OD: Timeless or trendy—what’s your shoe investment philosophy this Fall?

MATT: I am always drawn to things that are timeless. I wear things for decades, not months, and I hope to create things that will be worn that way.

OD: Your Fall 2012 collection is said to be inspired by street style blogs—are there any that you follow regularly?

MATT: I follow lots of street style blogs and websites. A few of my favourite are: Jak + Jil, The Sartorialist, Lookbook.nu and Streetpeeper.

OD: You are based in Tribeca, do you have a favourite NYC Autumn memory or destination?

MATT: As soon as it gets a little cooler my wife and I like to take our dog up to the Pound Ridge Reservation in Northern Westchester near where we grew up and do day hikes. The leaves and scenery are amazing and we get to go down memory lane. Then we go to our favourite pizza place of all time called Portofino.

OD: Your shoes are sold everywhere from Gap to Bergdorf Goodman—what do you think it is that makes them so widely coveted?

MATT: I think that there is an ageless/timeless quality that makes them appeal to a very wide demographic. I definitely didn’t set out to make something rarefied and hard to attain, I wanted something accessible, but still special. So I think our distribution reflects that. We sell to stores that love the product.

OD: You have a collaboration launching with Dannijo in August—how were you able to fuse both brand’s aesthetics into the collection?

MATT: Danielle and Jodie, the creators of Dannijo, are shoe fanatics—so they were very clear with where they wanted to go. I have a great appreciation for their aesthetic and wanted to work with them to make something that reflects both of our visions. I think this was achieved as we are all very pleased with the outcome and can’t wait for the collection to be at retail.

OD: “Sex + Comfort” is your motto. Can you explain?

MATT: At one point I decided I wanted something that very boldly and simply explained the philosophy of what I try to do. It clearly states the goal for each style I design. I want it to look great and be comfortable. It has to be both.

OD: Be honest, if you were a girl, would you prefer heels or flats?

MATT: I would wear mostly men’s shoes. At an event, only heels.


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